It was an awesome experience for not only my daughter but for my entire family. She learnt so many things here which I could have never imagined to teach her at this age. I highly recommend this program to all kids with a high level of curiosity at this age. I give 10 stars for the program and the entire team.

- Kamakshi, mother of Nishita, Grade 4

Make your child a

Super Stargazer

in 5 Days

Designed for Kids from age 8 onwards who has special interest in astronomy, space science & technology, to learn the hobby of stargazing without any special equipment

Lifetime Access Cost  ₹799 

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Founder of SteadFast Learning Pedagogy will inspire your child's interest towards STEM Education

How your child will become a Super Stargazer

Video Lessons

Under Nightsky

Interaction in
Whatsapp Group

SteadFast Learning

I am having online classes from my school during the day time, how can I attend this class?

Don't worry, the classes are delivered to you as engaging lessons which you can take any time during the day. The lessons will take not more than 20 mins to finish during the day.

And you will do the assignment only under the night sky. Consider this program as a necessary diversion from your hectic school schedule.

Will children be able to stargaze without a telescope?

Yes. There are more than 3000 objects in the night sky which is visible with just the naked eyes

With this program, we intend to teach your child to fall in love with naked-eye stargazing. So telescopes won't be necessary.

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Super Stargazer FB Group
Witness your child's journey from a spectator to a Super Stargazer in just 5 Days
Program Dates
Wednesday - Sunday
Venue & Timing
Remote Learning, Any time
(There will be only 2 live sessions)
How your child
will become a

Super Stargazer

Step 1


Enroll in the webpage and pay up for the program. Once payment is confirmed, you will be added to a Whatsapp group

Step 2


Video Lessons will be sent in the Whatsapp group every day from Wednesday morning. Your child can view the lesson anytime during the day

Step 3


Every day there will be an assignment that your child has to do under the night sky. They will complete it and post it in the WhatsApp group for review and collect points & badges every day

Step 4


Every day interaction will happen in the whatsapp group through assignment review, doubt clearing, special messages etc.

There will also be 2 fun-filled LIVE sessions on Friday at 7.00 PM and Sunday 4.00 PM

Lifetime Access Cost  ₹799 

Take action before this timer runs out

and get it at ₹299


Course Content 👇 click to view details 👇

  • Lesson 1 - What is stargazing?
  • Lesson 2 - What are stars?
  • Lesson 3 - Assignment - Make your own star chart

  • Badge Amateur Stargazer
  • Lesson 1 - What can we learn from the stars?
  • Lesson 2 - Stories from the Sky
  • Lesson 3 - Assignment - Make your own Constellation Stories

  • Bonus Constellations Guide Book
  • Badge Ancient Stargazer
  • Lesson 1 - Finding Directions using Stars
  • Lesson 2 - Basics of Stellarium
  • Lesson 3 - How to use Stellarium for Stargazing?
  • Lesson 4 - Assignment - Backyard Stars

  • Live Session Ask me Anything with Learning Coach
  • Badge Naked Eye Stargazer
  • Lesson 1 - How to use Sky View
  • Lesson 2 - How to use Starchart
  • Lesson 3 - How to spot the ISS
  • Lesson 4 - Assignment - First Start Astronomer

  • Bonus Stargazer Journal
  • Badge Tech Stargazer
  • Live Session Finale with a Fun-Kahoot Revision

  • Certificate Distribution

Testimonials from Kids

who attended the classes

I enjoyed the class very much. I had much interest in Astronomy, but there was no one to guide me. When I heard of this Camp, I attended it with an interest. The Camp was more useful. Thank you Vinoth Kumar Sir.

Nagarjun N

8th Standard, Kanchipuram

We attended the 5-day Stargazer program and were really thrilled during the whole course. As day sessions progress, we eagerly await what we will be able to learn the next day. Amazing experience.

Prashanth B S

Enrolled my kid in the stargazing program and I also got hooked up in the program. Informative, well structured, and fascinating. Learned about many apps and websites to stargaze. Now every day we can locate a planet or star in the sky. Thank you so much SSLC!

Maumitha Kundu

Both the Stargazer course as well as the Space simulation session was just fantabulous and my daughter has picked up the interest in space science big time after your sessions. Thank you so much team SSLC!

Anand Bharadwaj

Lifetime Access Cost  ₹799 

Take action before this timer runs out

and get it at ₹299

A new experience for your kid
Enroll Now

What your child will learn during the course?

Get introduced to the beauty of the Night Sky and learn about the basic nuances of stargazing to create your own star chart.

Learn about different stories of stars in the night sky and make your own constellation stories.

Constellations Guidebook - Bonus

Spot stars, planets, constellations, galaxies with your naked eyes. Learn very useful simulation tools that every astronomer uses.

Ask Me Anything Session with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar - Bonus

Learn Augmented Reality Apps to further enhance your knowledge of the night sky. Record your Stargazer Journey.

Stargazer Worksheets - Bonus

Finale Live Class with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar with a special Kahoot Game and certification event.

Lifetime Access Cost  ₹799 

Take action before this timer runs out

and get it at ₹299

A new experience for your kid
Enroll Now

Special Bonuses for your child

Constellations Guidebook Worth ₹99

Stargazer Workbook Worth ₹299

Certificate upon Completion Priceless

Daily Assignment Completion Badges Priceless

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is 5 years old but very interested in Astronomy,can I enroll them?

The program is designed for kids 8+, however, we have had a few younger kids join the program. We recommend that parents join younger kids and help them understand the concept and assist them with the assignments. The concepts taught in the program will be new for parents also and we have had many parents who have enjoyed the program along with their kids.

What time the lessons will be available?

The lessons will be available at 11.00 AM in the private WhatsApp group. The lessons can be viewed anytime during the day, at your child’s convenience.

Do we need a telescope to attend this course?

No. This course is designed to begin naked eye stargazing, so you need not have a telescope to participate in the course. We will teach a few software to assist in naked-eye astronomy and all this software are also free-wares, so there is no additional cost to start this hobby of stargazing.

Can my child miss a class during the week?

Ideally, they will have access to the video lessons for a lifetime, however, this course is best enjoyed when your child is competing and completing with peers during the course of the program. Your child should be able to complete the lessons and assignments within 30 mins in a day, so we recommend you allocate this much time to complete the course.

What is the registration process?

Simple. Sign up using the link below and you will be taken to a payment page. Once the payment is done, you will be asked to join a private WhatsApp group. Please join this group and all communication for the program happens in this group.

How will my child submit the assignment?

The assignment will have to be submitted in the WhatsApp group itself. Every day, for a particular time, the WhatsApp group will be open for assignment submission and interaction

My child has a doubt. Where can they ask this?

The Whatsapp group is the place where all their questions are answered. There is also an Ask me Anything Session with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar, which will be a Live Call on the 3rd day of the program, where your child can ask all their questions about stargazing.

Is there a demo for the program?

No. Since all our programs are designed to be ultra-affordable, it will not be feasible to conduct any demo sessions. Please check out our FB and Google page for raving reviews about this course and decide for yourselves. It is also worthwhile to remember, all our programs come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can make this decision without any potential risks.

I have some more queries regarding the program?

Please feel free to reach to us through Whatsapp through this link and we shall help you with any queries that you have -

Lifetime Access Cost  ₹799 

Take action before this timer runs out

and get it at ₹299

A new experience for your kid
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What you get when you join the Super Stargazer Program

Know your Tutor

Fondly known as "Learning Coach", Vinod Kumar has more than 12+ years of experience in creating World Class Classroom Experience. Vinod has been a pioneer in advocating STEM Education in schools and through his various Edtech companies, he has worked with more than 1000+ schools catering to more than 7 Lac students in South East Asia.

  • He had been Chief Coach to Team India for the World Robotics Olympiad for 6 consecutive years.
  • His programs are regular at The Hindu Summer Camp in Tamil Nadu for many years now.
  • He had founded 4 Ed-Tech Companies and has been a mentor to many such companies in the Educational Sector.

Based on his experience working with teachers in more than 8 countries, Coach Vinod designed SteadFast Learning Pedagogy, a 21st-century phenomenon that schools are fastly implementing in their classrooms. This program is also based on the same pedagogy.

Vinod is happily married and lives with his 4 children in Trichy, Tamil Nadu and among his many educational ventures, he actively runs Space Science Learning Club and Smart Ninja Global School now.

Lifetime Access Cost  ₹799 

Take action before this timer runs out

and get it at ₹299

A new experience for your kid
Enroll Now

Startup Journey

100% Money Back Guarantee

For any reason, you/ your child does not like the program or the deliverables from the program and want a refund, we offer a 100% no-questions asked refund if requested before the end of Day 2 of the program. After thecompletion of Day 2, no refunds will be entertained.

Cancellation/ Change of Batch

You can get 100% money back incase of cancellation before the program begins or get a 100% refund before the end of Day 2 of the program. Should an event arise that you need to change the batch, you can do so anytime for FREE before the beginning of the program by reaching out to us in whatsapp at 9345768455

Super Stargazer

is an award winning program by Space Science Learning Club

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